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How to remove the double-sided tape
Shenzhen Oker Tape Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 07, 2015

Double-sided adhesive tape removal method is as follows:

First, tools

1, a blade. Ordinary utility knife can pay attention to not need the knife. For special occasions may have to use a razor blade.

2, a carefully. Doing live is actually very simple, but most importantly, it must be careful before they succeed.

3, a hair dryer. This is the most important tool, but also the whole way in the core of the tool, but be aware that we are using hair dryer is heating, it must be able to relatively hot wind blowing, ordinary hair dryer might not work, the more old-fashioned the better.

Second, the sticky material

1, the adhesive tape on the box glossy paper.

2, paste adhesive tape this paper on the box.

3, computer accessories or on mobile phones and other stuff often wearing the label.

4, will be opened in part by gum composition characters left various security labels.

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