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Stretch film and plastic film
Shenzhen Oker Tape Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 07, 2015

Unitization: This is one of the biggest characteristic stretch film packaging. With the film superior force and retraction of the wound, the product compact, fixedly bundled into a single unit, so that scattered small pieces as a whole, even under adverse environmental products without any loose and separate, and no sharp edge and tack to avoid damage.

Primary protection: Primary protection provide surface protection products, around the product to form a very light protective appearance, so as to achieve dust, oil, moisture-proof, waterproof, anti-theft purposes. Particularly important is the film packaging makes packaged goods even by force, to avoid uneven stress damage to goods, which is the traditional packaging (bundling, packaging, packaging tape, etc.) can not be done.

Compression fixity: With retraction force after stretching Stretch Wrapping the product to form a compact, space unit as a whole, so that the products of each tray packed together tightly, which can effectively prevent the product during transport mutual dislocation and moving, while adjustable tensile force can make hard goods close, so soft goods crunch, especially those with unique packaging effect in the tobacco industry and the textile industry.

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