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The basic characteristics of EPE
Shenzhen Oker Tape Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 07, 2015

EPE basic characteristics are:

(1) 30-40 times foamed molded product, light weight, has a certain firmness;

(2) good flexibility and cushioning;

(3) the low thermal conductivity of insulation is excellent;

(4) independent bubble foam material, almost no water absorption of waterproof material;

(5) high-foaming and excellent water resistance, it has a strong buoyancy;

(6) from a variety of drugs corrosive material corrosion resistance;

(7) from a variety of climatic conditions, excellent weather resistance;

(8) independent bubble foam material has a good anti-vibration damping effect sound;

(9) cutting, gluing, extrusion, vacuum molding, compression molding, etc. Excellent workability;

(10) micro-bubble foam material, smooth appearance, coloring, which was beautiful effect;

(11) the production of flame retardant products through processing;

(12) can be used to prevent static treatment.

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