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3M Tape
Shenzhen Oker Tape Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 07, 2015

3M is recognized worldwide as the industry's first brand tape. In 1910, the company moved to its current head office in St. Paul, Minn., And launched the first exclusive product Three-M-iteTM polishing sheet in 1914. Innovation process began. In 1921, the world's first waterproof sandpaper WetordryTM in 3M abrasive born and registered patents for industrial abrasive ushered in a new era. In 1924, 3M began formal product development. Thereafter, ScotchTM masking tape, ScotchTM cellophane tape, ScotchTM vinyl electrical insulating tape, the tape can be fixed again innovative products such as diapers have come out. In particular, born in 1980, Post-itTM Post-it, so the exchange of information occurs a revolutionary change. It appears endless stream of innovative products 3M confirmed the progress of each. Post-itTM, ScotchgardTM, ScotchTM, ThinsulateTM, FiltreteTM, Scotch-BriteTM, NomadTM, DyneonTM, NexcareTM ...... one after another under the various well-known brand products have been extended to the world, affecting and changing people's lifestyles and habits.

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