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Post-cum-world Packaging Center Strategic Cooperation Signing Ceremony
Shenzhen Oker Tape Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 07, 2015

China's packaging industry has a trillion is a capacity market, but distinctive feature of his show is big but not strong, need to integrate. State policies "Twelfth Five Year Plan" provides a strong policy support for the packaging industry consolidation. World Packaging Centre to "develop the real economy, support service economy" as the principle of "integration + joint" approach is committed to promoting China from the packaging big country to powerful package. Proposed the next five years to create "2 + 4" Business Forum of the overall business planning in the strategic content.

2011 China Packaging Industry Summit held in Beijing on the 18th, and at the same time held the world packaging center strategic publishing and strategic cooperation signing ceremony. It is learned that the center will be launched in the near future the project site selection process.

This meeting was supported by the World Packaging Organization and relevant national packaging industry associations, President of the World Packaging Organization and the World Packaging Organization Pearson Vice-President of China Packaging Federation Shi Wanpeng, Secretary-General of the World Packaging Organization Carl attended the meeting.

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